Hero zero – the game

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With in excess of 17 million players, Hero Zero is an online browser game and app for Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices such as your tablet or iPhone.  It’s free to download and play on any applicable devices and it can be downloaded on multiple devices you own if you wish.  Hero Zero was released by Playata GmbH on January 15, 2015, but the game continues to be updated regularly with the evolution of new and exciting features.  Hero Zero allows you to not only play with your silly character that exhibits a clear lack of clothing in the beginning of the game, but you can chat with friends and defend your team as a hero during game-play. Here is one more or less working hero zero hack http://herozerohack2015.com/hero-zero-hack/.
Prior to game-play, you get to choose which clothing in which you will dress your silly character in addition to choosing you abilities and the weapons with which you fight!  You can defend your own character and your team with a whole host of obscure weapons from kitchen utensils to to a horse whips that will be sure to teach villains not to mess with you and your team of heroes!  You can assemble other players to create your own custom team of superheroes as well as challenge heroes to colossal clashes!

Prior to embarking upon game-play, choose whether you want to be a male or female character, and choose a body in which you want your character to reside during game-play.  You have the ability to alter your characer’s appearance by changing the character’s facial features, which include the shape of their nose, teeth, and their hair and skin color among other facial features.  You can choose accessories for your character such as glasses, too!
When you are finished creating a custom look for your hero, name your character and sign up on the following screen so you can begin game-play.  You then get free donuts just for signing up that you can use in your game!  Once you have signed up and confirmed your account you can dress your character from their underclothes to a fully customizable outfit. Clothing comes with particular skill sets, which include four unique attributes: strength, stamina, brain, and intuition.

You will then get to view your missions and can battle against other players if you wish.  You can then go on your choice of new missions to earn set amounts of coins as well as join up with or build your own team.  You can purchase donuts to get through the game more quickly if you wish, but you can opt to simply earn donuts the old fashioned way.  It’s up to you!  Alternatively, game hacks and cheats are a great option to advance in game-play more quickly.


You can check out Hero Zero’s Facebook page at Facebook.com/HeroZeroEN for current news and updates regarding this exciting, fun new game.  Note that an internet connection is necessary to engage in game-play on any device.  This game is suitable for everybody who can enjoy such a game without the age limitations.

Game of War Fire Age cheats

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Today I will have a look on cheats in the game called Game of War Fire Age. Pretty nice title, but way too long :) No worries guys, we will talk about the game too. From the first of all this is a mobile strategy game, where you build your own empire and it is pretty impressive even with some bad implementation. But first all first. Cheats. This tool might help you to cheat in the game. It is online, so no download necessary and can be used immediately. I have heard it is working most of time and also I have heard it is not working at all. So it is up to you to try it and send your references :)

Game of war fire age cheats

In any case this game is pretty nice, running at the kind of framework, which is or will be used to make the same type of games, but with the slightly different content and goals. Your aim is to build up the most powerful kingdom in the world full of the players that are trying to achieve the same goal as you do. It is available for the mobile platforms from google and apple. Creator is Machine zone and as they are claiming they are the most successful creators of free2play MMO games. In any case if you do not like MMO than this game is not for you, but if you do, don’t hesitate to download it and give it few hours of playing to see if this is the best game for you.

There is almost nothing innovative in this game, classical strategy where you build, upgrade, produce, gather resources and build up military units for defense and attacks. Also the possibility to make alliances is not new. But there is something new and good in this game. It united all the people playing this game, but using the different language. How? Well difficult task, but they think about it a lot. There is translator in the game, so people speaking german can understand people speaking english or russian. Is it 100%? No it is not but there is a crowd of players, that can earn in game money to translate the words and sentences that the game does not understand. So no need to learn new languages, this game can be played all the together with many different-speaking people. Nice shot! Really.

The next not very good thing is interface and the in-app currency payed by real money. Interface is full of icons and it is surely not transparent. In this game if you pay with real money you can be winner with higher probability than your competitors that do not pay. So it is badly balanced and that makes this game difficult to play without paying with real money!

In any case I can recommend this game and for the last imbalance you can use the game of war fire age cheats I found accidentally at google. See you at the next post!

Do you remember the first game you ever played on PC?

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Gaming has evolved over the generations but computer gaming is something people must be having a fond memory of. Do you remember yourself immersed in computer gaming for hours and getting scolded by parents for not spending time in other productive work? These are a few of the moments that stay in memory for a long. You definitely have computer gaming memories, but do you actually remember the first game you ever played on PC?

If you are still not able to remember, we will help you out right here.

Here are the old PC games that everybody admired and played:

  1. Prehistorik:

Prehistorik is basically a PC game that is developed by Titus Interactive. It is one of the oldest PC games that arrived on to the scene. The game was released in 1991 when Titus Interactive also became a publisher for the same. The gameplay of Prehistorik is exhilarating to say the least. The character in the game is armed with a club and it should hunt for dinosaurs in order to survive. Some of the obstacles that come in the way of the character cannot be killed and they have to be dodged by the character.

Prehistorik received rave reviews from the critics and the gamers alike. It was one of the best games that were released in the year 1991. The graphics, the gameplay, everything is simply outstanding. A sequel to the game was also released later. We will talk about its sequel in the next section.

  1. Prehistorik 2:

Prehistorik 2 was released in the year 1993 and it was the sequel of the game Prehistorik. Developed and published by Titus Interactive, the game is similar to its predecessor where a caveman needs to hunt in order to receive food. The game is easy to play and also entertaining at the same time. The character can collect points through whacking enemies. A lot of detail has been added in this game and the elements that were missing in its predecessor have also been introduced with Prehistorik 2.

  1. Duke Nukem:

Duke Nukem is a video game series that focuses on its protagonist named Duke Nukem. It was created by Apogee Software Ltd/3D Realms in 1991 as a part of its series of video games for PC. Duke Nukem became a popular franchise and hence, its sequels were released thereafter namely, Duke Nukem 2 and Duke Nukem 3D released in the year 1993 and 1996 respectively. Duke Nukem is simply one of the most popular old PC games we can talk about.

  1. Golden Axe:

Golden Axe is a hack and slash arcade video game that was released by Sega in the year 1989. It was developed by Makoto Uchida and Golden Axe was one of the most popular games released at the time. Golden Axe received great reviews from the people who played it and also from the experts. Its gameplay and graphics were also phenomenal considering the year in which it was released.